Who We Are


"mignolo dance" is a contemporary dance company based out of New York and New Jersey founded by sisters, Charly and Eriel Santagado, in 2017. They have been dancing and creating together for more than ten years and use this experience to continue to collaborate with each other and other dancers and artists to create new work that explores elements of various artistic mediums through movement.


Artistic Director/Co-Founder - Charly Santagado (left)

Co-Director/Co-Founder - Eriel Santagado (right)


A note from Charly and Eriel:

People often ask us if “mignolo” means anything; it is the Italian word for pinky finger, but to us it is so much more than that.

Growing up, along with being dancers, we were competitive gymnasts. At a gymnastics meet when were young, we were sitting with our Uncle Charlie, telling him how we were nervous. He replied in a dramatic Italian accent holding up his pinky finger: “You two have more talent in your pinky fingers than all those competitors have in their entire bodies.” After that, to calm our nerves at meets, we told each other to Remember The Pinky, even making signs to hold up at larger competitions.

At some point in high school, we decided that we would eventually start our own professional dance company. We knew early on that we wanted to incorporate the pinky into our company name, and after our uncle died in March of 2017 at only 53, we officially decided on it, performing for the first time as a company only a few months later. After that shocking day in March, we knew that we had an even more important reason to name our company mignolo.

So, when we think of mignolo, we think of strength, of all of the difficult experiences that we’ve been through to arrive where we are today, and of our uncle and how our work can serve as a tribute to not just his life, but to the beauty of life and art in general. If ever you are out there questioning your own value, whether it be in relation to another person, society at large, or yourself, we hope that you will “remember the pinky”, the one that we all have in one aspect of life or another, and feel a surge of worth and love for yourself and the world surrounding you.


What We DO

Translation Study No. 2 / 2018


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Where To Find Us


Thursday & Friday, March 14-15 @ 7:30PM: Motion: New Dance Works @ Loree Dance Theater - Metuchen, NJ

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Saturday, March 16: Spring 2019 HATCH Series @ The Jennifer Muller/The Works Studio - Manhattan, NY

Friday & Saturday, March 22-23 @ 8PM: Dance Canvas Performance Series @ Ferst Center for the Arts - Atlanta, GA

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Saturday, March 30 @ 11:30AM: Ariel Rivka Dance & Guests @ Baruch Performing Arts Center - Manhattan, NY

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Saturday, May 11 @ 2PM & 8PM: Small Plates Choreography Festival @ mignolo arts center - Metuchen, NJ

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Saturday, May 18 @ 2PM & 4PM: DanceFest Milford @ The Gallery & The Church Hall - Milford, PA

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Saturday, June 1 @ 8PM: Sans Limites 2019 MOVEMENT: SYZYGY @ Hudson Guild Theater - Manhattan, NY

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Saturday, September 7 @ 3PM: Dance on the Lawn @ St. Luke’s Episcopal Church - Montclair, NJ

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Come Together Dance Festival @ Suzanne Roberts Theater - November, 2018

Triskelion Dance Film Festival @ Triskelion Arts - November, 2018

APEX Showcase of Dancemakers @ Peridance - August, 2018

KYL/D InHale Performance Series @ CHI Movement Arts Center - August, 2018

SummerFest @ Triskelion Arts - July, 2018

Koresh Artist Showcase @ David Cooper Black Box Theater - July, 2018

KoDaFe  @ Ailey Citigroup Theater -  June, 2018

Common Ground by Impact Movement Collective @ The Secret Theatre - June, 2018

Newburgh Illuminated Festival @ Ritz Theater Outdoor Stage - June, 2018

Amalgamate Artist Series @ City Center Studios - May, 2018

SMUSH Moves @ SMUSH Gallery - April, 2018

NYC Dance & Music Festival @ Davenport Theatre - April, 2018

The Craft New York @ Threes Brewing - October, 2017

Dumbo Dance Festival @ GK Arts Center - October, 2017

KoDaFe @ Manhattan Movement & Arts Center - June, 2017

Newburgh Illuminated Festival @ Ritz Theater Outdoor Stage - June, 2017






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